Octopus Energy to further develop Europes Wind Power

In the UK alone, Octopus plans to improve the energy generation to power an additional 500,000 homes.

Octopus Energy to further develop Europes Wind Power background

The UK currently has approximately 9,000 onshore wind turbines, and this project aims to improve their efficiency.

Prime Minister has already expressed key interest in the potential of Wind Power, stating that he wants to turn the UK into the "Saudi Arabia of wind", setting a target of 40 gigawatts of energy to be produced by offshore wind farms by 2030. 

However, due to the limitations set by David Cameron's Conservative party back in 2015, renewing current windfarms can prove to be difficult. Renovating wind turbines will still fall to restrictions set by local authorities, and Octopus Energy have stated that they will only proceed with the project following full support from local homeowners. 

The most likely planned improvements to the UK's wind turbines will be larger and more efficient blades, improved generation systems, and can even involve the turbines height being extended by nearly 20 feet. 

According to WindEurope, these planned repowering projects can potentially double the generation capacity of wind farms, and can potentially triple the energy output. It is estimated that each wind turbine will be able to produce between 250 kW - 1MW more than their current ability.