There are multiple levels of Micro-metering that Pro Enviro offers. Short term micro metering involves sub metering energy intensive plant for up to 2 weeks, or we offer permanent installation through our Automated Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) system.

Micro-metering background

Why Monitor, Analyse and Manage your energy:

  • To understand how and where you are using energy in your processes
  • To highlight systemic inefficiencies and reduce costs
  • To minimise your environmental impact and demonstrate performance against your environmental targets, especially relevant for ISO 14001 and 50001
  • To achieve legislative or regulatory compliance, especially with regards to the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
  • To monitor the level of GHG and carbon emissions
  • To provide accurate reports for your Scopes 1, 2 and 3 carbon and GHG reporting

How does it work?


To get a better understanding of your energy profile, clamp-on meters are utilised and installed on energy intensive machines throughout the operation. These give near live read-outs to either our Automated Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) system, SEE Change, or the data is stored to be downloaded later by our expert data team, who will perform extensive data analysis to develop easy to understand graphs. This can allow companies to make accurate and targetted responses to energy consumption, and improve their overall energy profile. 

Prior to the installation, a consultation is held between client and Pro Enviro to discuss which plant are highest priority for the micro-metering exercise if participating in a short term metering project, or how many plant will be metered on a permament basis if wanting to participate through SEE change. 


Temporary Micro-metering for short term analysis.


As part of our Micro-metering assessment, we offer a short term installation to allow for a micro analysis of energy intensive plant. This project involves the installation of meters for 10-15 days, allowing for a snipped view of your energy profile, helping target areas of energy increase in your weekly operations, or target non-productive load in your processes. 

These meters read and download the data to be analysed at the end of the project by our team of expert data analysts, who compile the information into a readable format. Consultants will then walk you through the information so you know precisely where targeted action needs to be implemented, and how Pro Enviro can provide additional support through the project.


SEE Change - Automated Monitoring & Targeting System (aM&T)


SEE Change is our advance automated process optimisation, Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) system which makes the job of managing otherwise invisible resources, such as electricity, gas, oil and steam, simple.  Especially suitable for companies with large energy consumption over multiple sites or multiple high energy using items of plant, a permanent aM&T system will enable you to have constant control of your energy consumption and costs and carbon emissions.  By providing you with real time information it gives you the power to manage your production activities much more closely.  SEE Change is 100% web based so data can be accessed from your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone anywhere at any time.
Granular data collected from sub-meters every 30 minutes provide accurate and easy to use reports of energy and resources consumed and costs of major items of plant and their ancillary equipment against the pattern of production activities.

SEE Change is 100% web based, all you need is a web browser, running on your smartphone, tablet or PC.  This provides significant benefits as there is no software to install, administer or maintain.  Users can access SEE Change from any device without the need to download any applications to their local machine.
The system uses a combination of meters which are fixed in position on site.  The meters send data to a central data logger located on site in a safe location.  Every 30 minutes, the logger transmits data collected from meters across the site to a central secure server at our data centre.
The data is securely stored in a database and then analysed using our aM&T software.  Authorised users for any given site will be able to access the processed data and charts via a secured web-based dashboard (user level password protection).
Multiple dashboards can be created with real time data feeds to present energy consumption parameters by various plant for monitoring purposes.  Each user's dashboard can be individually configured to present the cost of energy consumed (based on current contract), the Specific Energy Consumption (based on production throughout data), the CO2 and GHG emission as well as historical data analysis and comparison with pre-set ideal performance.
If required, users may also have access to download any sections of the data in a spreadsheet format for further analysis.  Users may also select to be notified via alarm messages when predetermined thresholds are reached.  SEE Change provides real time visibility to your energy usage pattern and carbon emissions, enabling the identification of waste, monitoring the performance and efficiency of production plant and reporting on level of carbon reduction.