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Mike Leach, MD, January 2022

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Alpha Rowen

We are a key link in our customers supply chain, working to ensure a timely, high quality service that will enhance our customer’s product.

At Alpha-Rowen Ltd, we recognise that to satisfy our customers’ needs we must pursue the objective of "never ending improvement" in all aspects of our business. To assist us in this philosophy we have a quality assurance management system certificated to ISO 9001:2015.

We also recognise that we need the full co-operation and support of all our employees to continually meet our objective. We ensure all our personnel are fully aware of the company’s objectives and we re-enforce this through on-going training and educational programmes throughout the company.


Mike Leach

MD, Alpha Rowen

We, at Alpha-Rowen Ltd, have been working with the team at Pro Enviro for the last 12 years. As a company we have high energy consumption and the cost of this, as well as changing legislation, is of huge concern. We initially engaged Pro Enviro to help us understand our energy usage as well as support us with legislative changes. We have subsequently run several projects with them, that have seen us replace and improve several aspects of our equipment over time. These have given us energy consumption savings and therefore CO2e reductions; ultimately also giving us a positive impact to our bottom line. The knowledge and experience provided by Pro Enviro has also enabled us to successfully access funding for the majority of these projects. With the move to a lower carbon economy, we see their support as being crucial to designing and implementing our Low Carbon Strategy.