Decarbonisation Support and Energy and Resource Efficiency assessments for SMEs

Bespoke Decarbonisation Consultancy Support for SMEs within Worcestershire

Decarbonisation Support and Energy and Resource Efficiency assessments for SMEs background

Decarbonisation support for Worcestershire SMEs

As part of a new series of Zero-Carbon initiatives, Worcestershire County Council released a brand new opportunity for companies looking at decarbonising. This project had varying levels of support available for SMEs within the Worcestershire administritive boundary, and could have helped your company not only reduce your carbon emissions, but potentially your energy consumption!


What was available through this programme?

Desktop Support -

Up to 6 hours support could have been provided to your business, through one to one consultancy over the phone or email, with a detailed overview of what opportunities your company could be elegible for to help further develop your Net-Zero goals


Site Review - 

Up to 12 hours of support could have been provided by our expert consultancy, including a site visit, to provide a more accurate assessment on the Net-Zero opportunities that were available at your site. This included a detailed analysis of your overall energy consumption, as well as analysis of water, waste and other elements of the business that are responsible for your carbon emissions. After the site review, a detailed report would have covered the potential savings and costs of implementing any of the zero carbon projects that are identified, allowing you to comfortably assess the viability of investment. Additionally, the report covered your overall Zero-Carbon timeline, and what your emissions will look like by 2050 if action is taken or not.


Bespoke Extended Support - 

This extended support would have had our expert consultants continue their support of any projects that you wish to pursue, such as further developing a fesibility study, project management, and project design. This support could have provided up to 90 hours for your company. 

Additional Support from Worcestershire County Council

In addition to the advice, businesses receiving a minimum of 12 hours of support were automatically given access to Worcestershire’s Decarbonisation Portal for 12 monthswhich allows businesses to measure their carbon footprint and generate clear, long-term decarbonisation plans.