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With over 1200 employees worldwide, operating eight manufacturing facilities on four continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known as an innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid-flow equipment. With expertise in demand-based control, digitalization, fluid-flow, and heat transfer, Armstrong Fluid Technology provides energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the world. Armstrong Fluid Technology is committed to sustainability. In 2018, the company launched its 2 by 22 initiative, a program that aims to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions among customers by 2 million tons by the year 2022. More recently, Armstrong signed the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, pledging to operate all of its offices and manufacturing facilities at net-zero carbon by the year 2030. 

Steve Cooper

Sustainable Design Director

Half-hourly Data : How macro-data analysis helped us save nearly £15k a year

Thanks to Pro Enviro's analysis of half-hourly data, it was revealed that the electrical consumption during non-operational hours was considerably higher than typically expected. Contributing issues were identified and subsequently rectified, these being, but not limited to: 

- A number of lighting sensors were faulty and were not switching correctly.

- A number of air conditioning units were found to be operating beyond periods of occupancy, due to incorrect or missing scheduling within the controllers

- Opportunities to adopt and encourage improved behaviours by all staff members were also identified.

The measures result in a daily cost saving of £40.92 which extrapolates to £14,936 per annum, and would effectively reduce the sites Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) by 11%