Case Study by Pro Enviro on the development of an Environmental Product Declaration

Case Study conducted by Pro Enviro on the development of Environmental Product Declaration. These provide information on the carbon content of the products supplied to the public to be scoped and mapped. This has allowed Flood Technologies to align themselves with he standards set by the UK Government.

Flood Technologies background

Case Study


Flood Technologies Ltd.


Environmental Product Declaration and Zero Carbon Plan


Client Summary

Flood Technologies offer a range of products, each designed for a particular purpose to ensure the best possible protection from flooding. Each one of our flood defence systems has been rigorously tested to ensure they’re easy and quick to fit and provide total safety to your property from the effects of water ingress.


At Flood Technologies, we want to ensure we are offering bespoke flood prevention solutions to our clients all in one place. Because of this, we ensure all our products go through high maintenance testing to ensure that we meet and go beyond all set standards for flood prevention.


We provide a variety of high-quality flood barriers, flood gates and flood doors, and if there is ever a time where our expert consultants feel that we cannot provide the right products, we source the best option for your situation from the best suppliers the UK has to offer. This means you get the best outcome for the protection of your properties.


We have well established experience working on listed buildings, undertaking the work with the utmost respect, care and attention in sympathy with the listed building. As part of this we have many specialist provisions to ensure our materials match colours, grains, contours, shapes and sizes, which are delivered as best practise standards when dealing with Graded properties.


To ensure we are not only protecting your homes, businesses and communities, we are doing all we can to protect the planet. Keeping all our major operations within the UK, and actively implementing low-carbon and net-zero carbon projects throughout our business, has helped us reduce our carbon emissions.


The Old System

We passionately believe that you deserve the best flood risk protection, specifically designed for you. This demands that we deliver the most comprehensive flood surveys, robust flood protection products and, most of all, well-crafted installations. These standards are the minimum you deserve for your peace of mind during a serve flooding event. With that in mind sustainability has become increasingly more important to us and finding a way to protect people from floods and doing so sustainably has become the core of our operation.


New System and Rational

We needed the carbon content of the products we supply to the public scoped and mapped. To do this we engaged the services of Pro Enviro, a specialist energy engineering, carbon abatement and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience working with organisations in energy intensive sectors. They are leaders in developing and

implementing Low and Net-Zero Carbon strategies for organisations in all sectors.

With our cooperation, Pro Enviro were able to deliver an Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD. An EPD is a document which transparently communicates the environmental performance or impact of any product or material over its lifetime. Within our industry, EPDs support carbon emission reduction by making it possible to compare the impacts of different materials and products in order to select the most sustainable option.


The reasoning behind the decision to produce an EPD for our product line was to align ourselves with the requirements for tendering on government contracts. EPDs in construction projects and manufacturing are voluntary. However, their use is rapidly growing in line with awareness about environmental impacts. Both public and private stakeholders are increasingly demanding EPDs as a way of ‘declaring’ the carbon content of a product.


Pro Enviro had an easy to follow and thorough process of collecting the data needed to produce the EPD, including raw material and resource consumption for our product. We decided to report on the product stage (cradle-to-gate) of our product’s life cycle. This included not only the results but also the methodology of the life-cycle assessment, which provides further details on the assumptions used and approach employed to support third party verification, as well as the standards that we have adhered to.


Environmental Impact


Global Warming Breakdown


Delivering Emission Reduction Targets

In order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero with Pro Enviro consultants’ technical support and the use of their Carbon Accounting and Reporting tool (CFAR), we have adopted the following carbon reduction targets.


We project that annual carbon emissions will decrease to 31.75 tCO2e by 2027 for Scope 1, 2, & 3 (Electric, Gas, Diesel, Materials, Waste, Water, Business Travel, Commuting, Freighting). This is a reduction of 62.5%. We are working on developing our Science Based

Targets (SBTs) for all areas of emissions with a view to have official targets published later this year. Progress against these targets can be seen in the graph below:

Nersi Salehi the manging director at Pro Enviro stated “ working with Flood Technologies Ltd. to develop their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and net-zero carbon strategy has been a successful partnership in improving environmental protection. Flood Technologies range of flood defence products and systems can significantly reduce the negative impact of the Climate Change on properties and people’s livelihood. Now working together we are also reducing the environmental impact of their products throughout the whole of their life cycle from manufacture to end of life through their EPD, and reducing carbon emissions by implementing their net-zero carbon strategy.”


Fred Turner the managing director at Flood Technology added “Working with Nersi Salehi and his team at Pro Enviro was an enlightening experience for Flood Technologies.

The company was already taking action to reduce its carbon emissions, but with the input from Pro Enviro the process was taken to another level with a comprehensive formal Net Zero strategy for the company. We have since submitted the EPD to the Environment Agency for approval.”



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Pro Enviro Ltd.

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