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Mr Andrew Whitworth Managing Director, A W Precision Ltd

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Mr Andrew Whitworth

Managing Director, A W Precision Ltd

Process Optimisation: how we are reducing our annual energy usage & costs by over £57K!

Pro Enviro contacted us as a fellow member of Made in the Midlands – it turns out that we are almost neighbours, both being based just off the M6 in Rugby. As a member of Made in the Midlands, we took advantage of their offer of a free Energy Efficiency Assessment. This would establish if there were ways of reducing our energy consumption. Following the original free assessment with Pro Enviro, we proceeded with electrical metering of our equipment, after which Pro Enviro was able to suggest a Process Optimisation Strategy aimed at reducing our annual energy cost significantly.

Key elements of this strategy include:

  • Design of a new energy efficient LED lighting system to both improve lighting and reduce energy use by £12,300 per year,
  • Identification of very significant waste in our compressed air system and design of a new system saving £10,863 per year,
  • Specification of their Advanced Metering & Monitoring system called SEE Change ™ to monitor all our significant energy-using equipment. This allowed ongoing identification of waste and further process optimisation - large potential savings of £32,843 per year were identified,
  • Identification of improvements to our Power Factor Correction equipment, saving £1,172 per year,

For the first time, we understand where energy is being used in our manufacturing processes and how we might control and minimise this.  Quantifying savings in term of annual tonnes of CO2e allowed us access, with administrative assistance from Pro Enviro, to substantial capital grant funding for the projects.

In all, savings of £57,178 per year in energy usage and 136.2 tonnes of CO2e were identified and we are now in the implementation stage.

This would not have been possible without the service provided by Pro Enviro’s consultants, for which we are clearly very grateful. Using their extensive energy engineering knowledge and experience, they have been able to design, cost and implement improvements quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of disruption to our day to day processes. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses that want to ensure they minimise their Carbon Footprint, implement an effective Low Carbon Strategy, and most importantly, save money on their energy bills!