Brockway Carpets

Nick Walley, Director, Brockway Carpets, May 2018.

Brockway Carpets background

Brockway Carpets

A Brockway carpet is a masterpiece of British craftsmanship, combining the finest wool sourced from UK sheep farmers, with the specialist skills passed down through generations of carpet-makers. This family-run carpet manufacturer began in 1964 in the traditional carpet town of Kidderminster, and today’s employees are second-generation carpet-makers who’ve inherited their parents’ carpet knowledge and expertise. Whilst they look to the past to draw inspiration from their impressive heritage, Brockway are highly innovative when it comes to investing in new machine technology and developing more efficient production methods to make the manufacture of wool carpets sustainable for the future.

Nick Walley

Director, Brockway Carpets, May 2018.

Thanks to Nersi Salehi and the Pro Enviro team, we now fully understand the viability of in-house solar electricity generation and battery storage at our manufacturing operation in Kidderminster.  Pro Enviro designed an efficient and cost-effective PV system and battery storage facility and then analysed the potential installation cost and energy savings in a comprehensive report.  This report assessed all installation costs, potential energy generation and savings, analysed the return on investment and identified potential grant funding streams available to support this project.

Pro Enviro also made an effective presentation to our board to ensure that all the relevant facts and figures were available to the senior management team to help our decision-making process.  I am happy to recommend Pro Enviro to any business that wishes to investigate the potential of in house sustainable energy generation and battery storage.”