Galebreaker Agri

Keith Hardie Special Projects Director, Galebreaker Agri

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Galebreaker Agri

Galebreaker Agri are proud of the long history of their products, their brands and their business. Specialists in ventilation, weather protection and performance improvement, Guarding Against The Elements.

Keith Hardie

Special Projects Director, Galebreaker Agri

“Thanks to the Pro Enviro team carrying out a Business Energy Efficiency Assessment, we identified several ways we could further improve our energy efficiency. Pro Enviro’s findings identified that, by making their recommended changes, we could achieve annual financial savings of up to £18,872 and 62.81 tonnes of CO2e. They then helped us prioritise the required changes, identify and access the best available funding opportunities, and supported our grant application processes. As a result, and with the minimum of disruption, we have improved our working environment considerably and reduced our energy bills. Pro Enviro will continue to support us with meeting our energy efficiency targets and the implementation of our low carbon strategy, and I am happy to recommend them to other businesses wishing to develop a low carbon strategy and reduce their own energy costs.”