Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme ESOS

The objective of ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is the realisation of major, long term energy sustainability and energy reduction benefits for both your business and the environment.

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme background

ESOS occurs in four-yearly compliance phases. The first four-year compliance phase ended in December 2014 and the second phase in December 2019 and runs until 5th December 2023.
The UK Government, despite leaving the European Union, is committed to  Phase 3 ESOS.


ESOS Phase 2 - what is it?


ESOS Phase 2 is a mandatory energy assessment scheme, which requires large organisations to measure 100% of their energy consumption and conduct energy assessments by December 2019.

We offer cost effective ESOS Phase 2 support to help companies achieve compliance, whilst at the same time highlighting opportunities for minimising energy consumption and maximising cost savings.

With our support your organisation can go beyond compliance, implement energy efficiency and energy management projects, and cut costs to take advantage of the opportunities highlighted by ESOS.

As an alternative, you can start work toward ISO 50001 accreditation, to give your business plenty of time to fully understand and implement an energy management system and achieve certification.

ESOS - what should we do, and when should we do it?

  • You must measure all the energy your business consumes over a 12-month period (to include 31 December 2018)
  • Audit 90% of your energy usage and identify ways to become more energy effective
  • Compile an evidence pack with the data you have collected
  • Appoint an approved ESOS Lead Assessor to sign off the final report
  • Tell the Environment Agency you have complied by 5 December 2019
  • All eligible organisations are required to notify the Environment Agency of their compliance every four years

Therefore, organisations should now begin collecting the data for reporting their total energy consumption, as ESOS compliance requires a 12-month period of total energy consumption data which includes the qualification date of 31 December 2018.  In addition, organisations working to comply with ESOS regulations should start planning and conducting audits to identify energy efficiency opportunities and meet the requirements of the Phase 2 compliance period.

Pro Enviro has 30 years of expertise helping UK businesses measure, analyse, control and maximise their energy efficiency and is therefore highly qualified to help organisations comply with the ESOS Phase 2 regulations (or reach ISO 50001 accreditation).

Please contact us to arrange a free and confidential meeting to look at how we can help make the most of your ESOS obligations/achieve ISO 50001 accreditation.

For more detailed information on ESOS Phase 2 please click on this link:

* The criteria for inclusion to ESOS is not entirely straightforward, but essentially it applies to any large undertaking that carries out a trade or a business (most commonly a Company), and any corporate group where at least one member of the UK group meets the ESOS criteria.

  • A large undertaking is one that employs at least 250 people,
  • Or has an annual turnover more than €50 million and a balance sheet in excess of €43 million.
  • Most public-sector bodies are excluded, but other organisations that receive some public funding, such as universities, may qualify.

ESOS Phase 3 - What is it?


It is vital for businesses to ensure that they are ready for the  ESOS Phase 3 compliance.  Although  the final deadline for submissions is not until the  5th December 2023, it is vital to start the process now in order to be fully compliant in time and to identify and benefit from carbon reduction opportunities early.

Business that have certification to formal energy management systems such as ISO50001 are automatically exempt from ESOS. Pro Enviro can support you in developing and implementing your ISO50001 or ESOS compliance.